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  1. When will you advance state-wide hate crime protections for the LGBT community?

    Why hasn't the Wyoming legislature joined the rest of the country to protect its residents from brutal hate crimes? "In the aftermath of the brutal killin...

    katy Matt Mead
  2. What prompted you to finally adopt Medicaid expansion?

    When didn't you decide to push legislation forward earlier in your term? The Wyoming Legislature has refused to extend Medicaid coverage to over 17,600 l...

    maryam Matt Mead
  3. Mr. Gingery how did you come to present the 24/7 sobriety bill? I'm a student at LCCC covering it.

    I understand there was a bit of opposition from a few senators today, what are your thoughts on that?

    Patricia Keith Gingery
  4. Why would you sponsor support and vote for same sex marriage ?

    Do you believe in supporting all gay marriages? Do you believe in gay men being able to marry and then adopt children?

    John Michael Von Flatern