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  1. Mark S.7th grade football/ wanted to inquire about inmates cleaning trash along RT 88 ,250.

    Local community making an effort, but unsafe with heavy traffic and no signage or state vehicles with flashing lights.Please help, Thank you, Smitty

    Mark Michael Ferro
  2. replace McKinley

    Mike, where can I get a campaign sign to show my support for you and to help make sure we get rid of McKinley?

    Steve Mike Manypenny
  3. LGBT Discrimination

    Do you think an employer should be able to fire an employee solely because of the employee's sexual orientation? Should a gay business owner fire somebody j...

    Bob Karen Arvon
  4. Campaign contribution.

    How can I make a contribution to your campaign?

    Tom Nancy Guthrie
  5. Smoking in gaming areas.

    Hello, my name is Paul Hott I live outside of Romney on Old Jersey Mt rd. My wife and I enjoy gaming and we think it is a health issue to not have a smoke fr...

    Paul Ruth Rowan
  6. Frontier "High Speed" Internet service in Jefferson County is killing business, What's being done.

    I pay 100% of my bill every month and get a fraction of the service I contracted for. Frontier continues to fraudulently advertise a service they know can't ...

    Al Paul Espinosa
  7. Marijuana medical use

    My spouse, Robert and I have been dealing with Hep C, which he got with a blood transfusion from years ago before it was tested. Robert did not get this viru...

    tana Mike Manypenny
  8. Fracking Waste

    Dear Mary Poling, I hope you vote against allowing fracking waste to be dumped in our landfills over the agreed weight limits. It is radioactive and not ev...

    David Mary Poling
  9. Sign
  10. What are your plans to control the Energy industry & it's impact on our environment & health in WV?

    Coal & Natural Gas play a big part in the economy of our state, & have for many years. But, with resources reaching peak productions, health & environmental ...

    Richard Earl Ray Tomblin