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  1. How will the Rand study shape marijuana policy in Vermont?

    This year the Rand Corporation will work with Vermont officials on a comprehensive study on the effects of taxing and regulating marijuana. The Rand rese...

    maryam David E Zuckerman
  2. Why are you giving up on the country's first single-payer health system?

    How do you defend your decision to single-payer supporters across the country who were using Vermont's system as a model? Vermont was in the process of bu...

    maryam Peter Shumlin
  3. What if any movement has there been on sponsored bill H-493?

    Hello Representative Ram, My name is Michelle Long and I am doing research for a paper and advocacy letter for my ethics and social justice class. I woul...

    Michelle Kesha K Ram
  4. road condition in West Brattleboro

    I am a Tri-Park Board member, resident in Glen Park wishing to support your efforts on road issues in West Brattleboro. Would a petition help?

    Nancy Mollie S Burke