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  1. Were Obama's latest recommendations to the NSA sufficient in scope?

    In his recommendations, Obama addressed only the bulk collection of call records and failed to target any of the other bulk collection programs.

    Holmes Patrick Leahy
  2. How will you push to reform the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance court process?

    How can we ensure that the government won't read emails or other communications without obtaining the proper warrant?

    Holmes Patrick Leahy
    • 69 out of 50 Signatures needed
  3. Will the senate scale up the watered down USA Freedom Act & close glaring mass spying loopholes?

    The earlier version of the bill was more ambitious in scope and limited bulk collection to a specific “person, entity, or account,” forcing intelligence agen...

    maryam Patrick Leahy
    • 30 out of 50 Signatures needed
  4. Will you put pressure on the NSA to disclose information about its “upstream” collection?

    "Upstream" collection is the process by which the NSA siphons data directly through undersea cables.

    Holmes Bernard Sanders
  5. What is the likelihood of a carbon tax passing in Congress?

    You introduced legislation which includes a carbon tax. As a major advocate for transforming the energy system, when will the climate change movement gain mo...

    maryam Bernard Sanders
  6. $15.00/ hour min wage

    Looking in my local job opening I see a position paying $15.00/hour. Requirements include a bachelors degree and 3 years experience. Why would an intellige...

    Lee Bernard Sanders
  7. You are aiming to have debt free and tuition free public universities. What about recent graduates?

    You are aiming to have debt free and tuition free public universities. What happens to the students who just graduated and have already started to pay back t...

    Anonymous Bernard Sanders
  8. Are you for or against GMOs?

    Where do you stand on GMOs and Monsantos?

    Stacey Bernard Sanders
  9. What about the people?

    In a 2002 60 minutes episode with Ronald Reagan, as he was running for presidency, the reporter asked him what he thought the greatest [New] Deal was in Amer...

    Mark Bernard Sanders