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  1. with the nation slowly legalizing Medical marijuana, whats your stance on having Utah join the list

    Cannabis contains about 60 active ingredients called cannabinoids (chemicals unique to marijuana). The primary psychoactive chemical in marijuana is THC, or ...

    Jon Gary R. Herbert
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  4. Are you going to vote for the Medicaid Expansion?

    I implore you to vote yes to the Medicare Expansion, for the benefit of your Constituents, & the citizens of Utah.

    suzanne Douglas Sagers
  5. Are you serious?

    You, are trained in biology? Yet you seem to know absolutely nothing about science or even enough to trust 98% of the experts in the field of environmental s...

    Paul Jerry B. Anderson
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  7. Why are you sponsoring an amendment to bring recall elections to Utah?

    Two thirds of the legislature and a majority of Utah voters would have to approve the bill before it is passed into law.

    Reena Gage Froerer
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  10. Do you advocate for any of PRADA's four options in relocating the Utah State Prison?

    The Prison Relocation and Development Authority study appraised Utah State Prison land at $130 million for developers. Building a mix of commercial, light in...

    jenny Brian M. Greene