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  1. What is the relationship between the state and regional tech centers?

    Ben Franklin Technology Centers were first incorporated in southwestern counties to prioritize investments in research and technology.

    wyden Richard L Alloway II
  2. What is the biggest challenge of the school district budget crisis?

    As a consequence of severe cuts, twenty-four schools in the district have been closed and the others remaining are facing overcrowding.

    myer Robert Casey Jr.
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  4. What will the rule changes for registered community organizations in Philly entail?

    Neighborhood and interest groups are now required to be kept abreast of building projects in the works.

    Tom W. Wilson Goode, Jr.
  5. Why did you vote against legislation to extend unemployment?

    Approximately 86,900 Pennsylvanians lost unemployment insurance when federal emergency unemployment compensation expired.

    misty Patrick Toomey
    • 35 out of 50 Signatures needed
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  9. Which of PennDOT's pending projects is most crucial to infrastructure?

    The recent law pursues new approaches to the planning and funding of bridge repairs and construction

    mirah Blondell Reynolds Brown
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  15. How do you hope your bill will improve conditions of child-care centers?

    Your introduced a bill calling for mandatory annual inspections for all child-care facilities.

    valerie Blondell Reynolds Brown
  16. How can Congress work with the FCC to restore net neutrality?

    Public-interest groups like EFF are skeptical that the FCC, as currently constituted, is capable of ensuring a level playing field, in part because of strong...

    David Jerrold Nadler
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  18. How effective has Kansas City's Micro-Loan program proven?

    The program, which launched in January 2012, provides assistance to small businesses that are often denied loans because of stricter lending requirements

    lauren Scott Taylor
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  23. What is the vision for the Mahanoy Business Park Waterline Extension Project?

    Recently a $4 million loan through the Pennsylvania Infrastructure and Investment Authority was appropriated for the extension project.

    wallace David G Argall
  24. Can you clarify policies for determining the city's living wage?

    Council members first adopted a living wage policy in October 1988 and applies to companies doing business with the city.

    weston Kansen Chu