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  5. What is your biggest reservation about urban farming?

    Should metropolitan areas take bigger steps to sustain their own food needs?

    maryam Matt Yglesias
  6. Will you conduct a thorough review of potential threats of Orange-Resistant GMO crops?

    USDA just began accepting public comments on a plan allowing farmers to plant 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) resistant corn and soy.

    maybel Dept. of Agriculture
  7. When will you resume FIOS service to help break up the unfettered power of cable monopolies?

    Your company claims that you allotted $23 billion dollars in rolling out FiOS since 2004. What infrastructure did you expend your budget in developing?

    Janine Verizon
  8. How dramatic is the influence of lobbying over policy priorities?

    Interest groups today spend more a year lobbying congress than they spend in PAC contributions and independent expenditures to campaigns

    tanner Lessig
  9. How can we urge state legislators and local election officials to adopt online voter registration?

    Nineteen states have adopted OVR and the PCEA recently released a report highlighting new technologies and best practices for reforming the voting process on...

    Amanda Rock the Vote
  10. Do you think Mayor de Blasio will be effective in restoring NYC neighborhood schools?

    In the face of high-stakes testing and one-size fits all classroom models, Bloomberg's drive to privatize education has eroded trust in public schools.

    Glenda Mike Allen
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  13. What tools will Vox employ to enhance contextualization of policy driven stories?

    In your announcement concerning your transition to Vox, you note you’ll use your reporting “to build and continuously update a comprehensive set of explainer...

    Taylor Ezra Klein
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  16. What has changed the most in Washington's professional culture since you got your start?

    Before joining Slate Magazine, you covered politics for Time magazine for 12 years, serving the last four as White House correspondent.

    maryam John Dickerson
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  23. How can we strive to make more inclusive software?

    How is ThinkUp's ethos different from other social networking apps?

    maryam Anil Dash
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