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  1. How have you seen U.S. politics change since the publication of your book, "Twilight of the Elites?"

    Have you seen any changes in the political landscape and what you described as a meritocracy? And are you working on any new books? #Inners are interested.

    David Christopher Hayes
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  2. Will you withdraw your invitation to serve as the keynote speaker at the annual RSA conference?

    It was recently revealed that the security firm RSA took a $10 million bribe from the NSA to install a backdoor in one of their encryption tools. Eleven spea...

    Holmes Stephen Colbert
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  3. How will you next move to restore and assure net neutrality?

    Protect internet users from monopolistic ISPs and don't let companies censor, slow down, or block websites while requiring other sites to pay for faster serv...

    David The FCC
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  4. Will your new bandwidth patent impose a credit rating system on consumers?

    The patent, titled “Prevention of Bandwidth Abuse of a Communications System” monitors data consumption and supposedly credits bandwidth based on AT & T's cr...

    maryam AT&T
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  5. Will you block the Comcast merger on behalf of consumer protection?

    In this climate of shrinking competition and increasing prices, how can you allow Comcast to exert monopoly control over content and distribution?

    maryam The FCC
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  6. On what basis can you insist that the merger won't reduce existing competition & increase prices?

    If the merger goes through, Comcast will serve as the most powerful broadband gatekeeper and continue to stifle innovation and increase prices.

    maryam Comcast
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  7. When will the FCC reclassify internet providers as common carriers?

    The FCC could reinstate net neutrality protections if it amended classification for telecommunications services governed by Title II of the Communications Ac...

    maryam Tom Wheeler
    • 263 out of 25 Signatures needed
  8. Do you have any insight about the Boston marathon bombing investigation and trial?

    The legal case against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev mimics many other anti-Muslim prosecutions of innocent persons, and most noteworthy is the constant presence of frau...

    KARIN Glenn Greenwald
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  9. Will you sign the USA FREEDOM Act, a bipartisan bill to reform the NSA's mass domestic surveillance?

    Uniting and Strengthening America by Fulfilling Rights and Ending Eavesdropping, Dragnet Collection, and Online Monitoring Act H.R. 3361/ S. 1599 Pur...

    David Barack Obama
    • 756 out of 25 Signatures needed
  10. Why won't you investigate the CIA's alleged spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee?

    Why has the Justice Dept. claimed that they have not found "sufficient evidence to warrant a criminal investigation" in light of the Panetta review?

    maryam Justice Department
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  11. Will you stop accepting campaign cash donations from Comcast?

    The Comcast-Time Warner merger would consolidate a predatory monopoly in 19 of the 20 largest media markets. Stand up for the public interest and against Com...

    maryam Barack Obama
    • 214 out of 25 Signatures needed
  12. Do you support the 1 million Mass. residents who say Pilgrim nuclear in Plymouth is unsafe?

    The Pilgrim nuclear reactor is ranked as one of the most unsafe by the U.S. NRC. It is polluting Cape Cod Bay and leaking toxic radionuclides in to the drin...

    Meg Charlie Baker
    • 116 out of 25 Signatures needed
  13. When will you cover the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the effort to fast track it through Congress?

    Most of the major media has ignored the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a "trade" pact being negotiated in secret by the US Trade Representative with over 600 mul...

    Martha Christopher Hayes
    • 299 out of 25 Signatures needed
  14. Horse slaughter for human consumption

    Where do the president candidates stand on horse slaughter and or horses being sold to "kill buyers" in auction to ship to other countries for horse meat for...

    Wendy Donald J. Trump
    • 87 out of 25 Signatures needed
  15. What is your view on mining,drilling an on coal?Would you make changes or let Obama have his agenda?

    I am a young coal miner in the great state of Wyoming, one of the country's largest coal and the largest trona producer. Our current president, Barrack Obama...

    Dusty Donald J. Trump
    • 51 out of 25 Signatures needed
  16. Mr Trump

    The USA buys more than half of China's fur industry which comes from cats and dogs who are skinned alive for trinkets and trim on clothing. If this isn't h...

    Amy Donald J. Trump
    • 43 out of 25 Signatures needed
  17. Government data transparency for better policy-making

    What data should governments be making publicly available to ensure greater accountability and better policy-making?

    City Forward Glenn Greenwald
    • 40 out of 25 Signatures needed