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  1. Will you support term limits for all members of congress and senate?

    Will you support term limits for all members of congress and senate that limits ALL public service to 12 years. After the 12 years the public servant must ta...

    ggenovezos Ted Cruz
  2. Federal Service Animal Laws

    Would you support updating the four Federal service animal laws to make them broader, more consistent and less discriminatory?

    photojmp Ted Cruz
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  4. Paying interest to the Federal Reserve

    Why has Congress allowed the private owners of the Federal Reserve to steal trillions of dollars from the people by paying the Federal Reserve to print our m...

    Patrick Ted Cruz
  5. Who will eradicate isis from this planet?

    Because they are torturing and killing innocent people every day

    alan Ted Cruz
  6. The NRA lobby is a huge controvercy.

    Clearly, the entire American population is horrified by the many, recent assault weapon deaths. Why are you not addressing the difference between individual ...

    Katherine Ted Cruz
  7. Texas Independence

    With the growing movement, dealing with the dislike of Washington politics, would you support the idea, of a once again Independent Texas and consider a run ...

    John Ted Cruz
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  10. Can you save native american languages from becoming totally extinct by allowing them to be taught?

    Why do we teach some many languages in public schools but no native american languages? 
It was the Navajo language that helped us during war. 
And I believe...

    Paula Ted Cruz
  11. Wars and fighting are easy to start and the hardest thing anymore is to have peace.

    Are you a shot first then talk or a talk first. 
Can we stop screaming at each so everybody can be heard. 
Can your biggest deal be a peace deal. 
Where has ...

    Paula Ted Cruz
  12. You define marriage as the union between a man and a woman...

    The bible is the book which you cite in order to support this belief. However, the bible also mentions a marriage between man and his sister, a man and his s...

    Francisco Ted Cruz
  13. Student loan

    I am currently on the pslf plan and want to know if you will continue to support this. I am in a lot of debt and this plane is the best for me. Also are you ...

    skip Ted Cruz
  14. Unemployment in working men and women versus unemployment in non working men and women.

    I want to know how a person can live on unemployment for years without looking for a job. At the same time a worker in the oilfield gets laid off and 2 mont...

    Matt Ted Cruz
  15. Many retiring Boomers need the ACA subsidy to bridge the gap to Medicare. Make it happen=Votes!

    My wife and I will be turning 60 in 2016. We're planning for early retirement in 1 year or less and need the ACA's (Affordable Care Act) 400% FPL (or Feder...

    Gary Ted Cruz
  16. If president, where will you stand on gay marriage & abortion? Will you stand as a Christian?

    I want a President that not only claims to be a Christian, but will stand firm on the Word! Not one who will cater to minority groups that make the most nois...

    Kay Ted Cruz
  17. You plan to abolish the IRS; while I agree with you, what is your plan for all the Tax Accountants?

    They would need retraining; be completely out of work. Not just IRS agents, but all those that help people prepare their taxes as well. What plan if any do...

    Jason Ted Cruz
  18. Mandatory Vaccinations

    Regarding immunizations - Do you think parents should be allowed the option to exempt vaccinations based on their personal beliefs? Should parents have the f...

    PATRICIA Ted Cruz
  19. If you were President, would your nominee to the Supreme Court support the Citizens United decision?

    The 2016 election so far has hinged on #getmoneyout. This question from the U.S. #rebelalliance:

    David Ted Cruz
  20. How do I encourage my children to grow to be hard workers when everything is given away?

    I am a two tour Iraq vet who is three days from graduating and obtaining an HVAC Associates in Environmental Engineering. I have worked hard to gain everythi...

    david Ted Cruz
  21. Your Social Security Plan would you support mirroring politicians retirement plan to social security

    You say you will raise the retirement age for those on social security to help save it. Why does the federal government plan for politicians not match the so...

    Sean Ted Cruz
  22. I am in favor of controlling our borders, but why have we waited so long to address this problem?

    With respect to our immigration issues, is it fair to deport all illegal immigrants, including their children who are born in the United States? Why should ...

    Robert Ted Cruz
  23. Our insurance payment has become our new mortgage. We want someone to defend the people against the

    Our insurance payment has become our new mortgage. We want someone to defend the people against the drug companies to lower our premiums. Now is that so ha...

    Zoraida Ted Cruz
  24. What do you think of offshoring jobs, and the current trend of hiring part-time employees.

    Corporate America is doing a couple things that I consider greedy and anti-American and have not been questioned or addressed by either party. The first, wh...

    Charles Ted Cruz
  25. Whst would it take to put mandatory physical education back into public schools?

    It's important for the health of our youth today. They are getting heavier all the time and need to get exercise!!

    Donna Ted Cruz