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Ted Cruz Senator, Republican

Where do you stand on continued US support of the YPG in Syria?

In Syria, the US has been tentatively aiding a Kurdish militia, the YPG, who has been one of the most effective groups in fighting ISIS. However, one of the problems with this continued support is that it has been straining continued US-Turkish relations, as Turkey classifies the YPG as a terrorist group due to its association with the PKK. While no terrorist attacks have been linked to the YPG, a lot of gains against ISIS (like the reclaimation of Kobane) have, and continued US support of the group could have unpredictable consequences on US-Turkish relations due to Turkey's aggression toward the group. Since the next presidential term would require continued action against ISIS and relations with this group is one of the biggest questions when it comes to fighting ISIS, where do you stand on continued US support of this group?

Posted by Emily , of Plano, TX

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