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Ted Cruz Senator, Republican

What do you think of offshoring jobs, and the current trend of hiring part-time employees.

Corporate America is doing a couple things that I consider greedy and anti-American and have not been questioned or addressed by either party. The first, which has been going on for years is 'offshoring' millions of jobs just to increase their profit. The second thing, which is more recent and happening in a huge way, is companies are not hiring full-time employees. They are hiring people to work 20-30 hours a week, so they do not have to pay benefits. The low hours and lack of benefits is killing millions of people and making it almost impossible for young people to make it on their own. That is one reason so many young adults are still living at home. My question for the candidates is 'do you think these practices are right? If not, what will you do to discourage it? If you think it is OK, how will you convince lower and middle class citizens to vote for you?'.

Posted by Charles , of Hudson, FL

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