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Ted Cruz Senator, Republican

Many retiring Boomers need the ACA subsidy to bridge the gap to Medicare. Make it happen=Votes!

My wife and I will be turning 60 in 2016. We're planning for early retirement in 1 year or less and need the ACA's (Affordable Care Act) 400% FPL (or Federal Poverty Level) government subsidy to remain in place in order for things to work for us.
Question: Is our ACA government health insurance help (subsidy) going to be taken away by next president?
We could vote for Hillary Clinton and keep this, but what other candidates recognize that early retirees need healthcare help to bridge the gap until Medicare at age 65? Bernie Sanders wants "Medicare for all", but at a cost. We're not sure if this is answer to the question. The Republicans want to repeal ACA, with a very few making vague references to a "replacement".
When will the question on health care government help for early retirees be added the presidential debates? We need answers.
The ENORMOUS number of Baby Boomers nearing or already retired need specifics on this in order to reach their voting decision. I know that my wife and I surely intend to focus on this issue.
Please, get the question of government healthcare assistance for early retirees before the presidential candidates. We need to know where each of them stands on this, with specifics.
Campaign promises are cheap and easy to make. Campaign promises are also many times hard to keep.
We need assurance that the candidate we select is committed to help early retirees bridge the health care until Medicare.
Retiring baby boom's sheer numbers cannot be ignored if you want our votes! We're NOT in the minority! Make it happen=Votes!

Posted by Gary , of Overland Park, KS

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