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Michael Burgess Representative, District 26, Republican

can newly discovered medical techniques, discoveries or treatments be required to be shared

I understand from first-hand sources that in medical practices there is often deliberate withholding of new clinical discoveries and developments from peers in the medical community, because to share information one has and no one else has means loss of "ownership", prestige and monetary advantage. Unfortunately this may enrich a tiny enclave while robbing the public of many desperately needed improvements in medical care. For instance, I have a bad disease that over a dozen doctors can't figure out what to do with after over a decade, but probably someone has encountered it somewhere and knows the solution. This "hoarding" practice means I'll never get the answer. Not only is this sort of thing one of the wrong effects; also, when the private-skilled group undergoes eventual attrition, the information and skill disappears with them.
Can Congress pass a law requiring newly clinically discovered or developed medical techniques or treatments be published and then offer incentives for their disclosure, e.g., recognition, subsidies, rights protection, etc., and attaching penalties, e.g, a tax (this time on the rich instead of the upwardly struggling poor)?

Posted by mary , of denton, TX

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