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Michael McCaul Representative, District 10, Republican

Have you voted to have the safe act brought to the floor?

It is very important that this gets brought to the floor and voted to pass, we as American are tired of foreign countries coming here and destroying our American horses, and please don't tell me well it helps the unwanted horses, we are not here to sugar coat, I was involved for over a year learning from the best, why and how they choose the horses, the trailering to Mexico and Canada, and personally have seen what these horses go threw in each step from being bought to there heartless and cruel deaths, I think it's a shame what we allow humans to do this to these horses, and anyone who says it's so great, is not a very good human being and should have to go threw under cover and see for them selves, and we should stop it now and pass the safe act. We don't eat horses, and it's not to feed the hungry over there either. These are animals that have been wormed; injected, given drugs to and none of them are for human consumption

Posted by Claudette , of Bleiblerville, TX

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