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  1. How do you plan to enforce the anti-hoarding law and how is this a good use of city resources?

    Under the new city law, police and officers would be permitted into a residents' home and authorize fines of $500/day. The law unfairly targets singles pa...

    maryam Annise D. Parker
  2. Will you help bring competitive fiber-optic networks to Houston?

    The FCC's proposal allows internet service providers to charge companies for preferential treatment and erodes the vision of a neutral & equitable internet. ...

    Holmes Annise D. Parker
  3. Do you support the legal operation of Uber & similar mobile operators in Houston?

    Ride-sharing companies have been in a long-term battle with the city by allowing their unlicensed drivers to service passengers without approved council regu...

    maryam Stephen C. Costello
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  5. How can you grant Discovery Green the resources to become a community anchor institution?

    The Discovery Green site in east Houston's downtown had previously been a railway yard and then parking lots for the convention center. The city acquired the...

    maryam Michael Kubosh
  6. Do you believe that the anti-hoarding ordinance discriminates against the single and the elderly?

    The Houston City Council passed a recent ordinance that prohibits hoarding in an apartment, townhome or condominium complex.

    maryam C.O. "Brad" Bradford
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