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  1. our gun laws

    would like to know why Tennessee has not passed a gun law like Texas, where a legal owner can just simply open carry with out having to go through a costly ...

    Thom Charlotte Burks
  2. speak Jan. 8th, 2016-2 pm

    Our CPW group for the month of January is to focus on human traffic. Meeting is for around 12 women to discuss their mission work and have a lunch at 2pm th...

    Bunny Sherry Jones
  3. Firearms

    Yes sir thanks for standing up kids against the horrible guns in parks bill, no questions but info for when this bill gets to the full house for an up and do...

    sam Bo Mitchell
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  5. Senator, please supply the source for details on SB 283, 2013

    Senator I want to know the outcome you bill SB 283, 2013 concerning electric metering devices. Had the bill become law, and exactly how does it protect the c...

    George T Bill Ketron
  6. Recommendation for Employment

    My name is Donald L Wells. I am on the State Licensing Board for Dispensing Opticians. I was appointed by both govenors of both parties. I am about to conc...

    Donald Rusty Crowe
  7. When will you move forward on medicaid expansion for TN in light of popular constituent support?

    A poll conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates, found that 56 percent of respondents support Medicaid expansion for those on low incomes.

    maryam Bill Haslam
    • 30 out of 50 Signatures needed
  8. Will you protect the state's supreme court from special interests and big money in the future?

    A recent grassroots conservative campaign in TN pushed hard to select conservatives in local and state-level seats across the nation. Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey ...

    sandy Bill Haslam
  9. Will you vote for Senate bills to ease restrictions on municipal broadband networks in TN?

    In Tennessee, four bills call to ease restrictions on public broadband. The bills would allow for municipal electric systems to provide fiber services outsid...

    Holmes Mae Beavers
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  11. Turn away same sex couples

    What in the World were you thinking? Next would be turning away Babtist,Jews and Blacks!? Glad I'm not in your District ,would vote against you! Back to ...

    Dirk Mike Bell
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  13. Do you support the NSA?

    Your constituents have been fairly clear with their lack of approval of the NSA. Do you support the NSA and its actions? (Spying on American Citizens)

    Steven Bill Haslam
  14. Why is my government considering allowing my phone records, internet history, etc to be examined?

    We've seen through history that prosecutors clamor to "seeming" evidence in order to close a case. Why would we enable those in our justice system seeking a ...

    Harrison Bill Haslam