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  1. I do not understand your reasoning at all. Your way of thinking makes no sense to me.

    My great-grandfather fought for the South too, and guess what? I don't give a fuck about him or any other racist confederate soldier. He was wrong and so a...

    Sandy James Mikell "Mike" Burns
  2. What is your opinion of SC's Civil Forfeiture Law and will you sponsor legislation to repeal it?

    Providing a profit motive property (cash) seizure law is an irresistible lure for abuse by law enforcement. Property should only be taken by the government a...

    Timo Wendy K. Nanney
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  4. I have a question about your proviso for the CON program.

    My partner and I submitted an application to build a small surgery center during the CON hiatus. I have read your proviso and would like to discuss with you...

    Michael Joel Lourie
  5. Need Support Letter for TIGER Planning Grant Application – 23 April 2014

    THE PROBLEM: On March 7, 2013, House Resolution HR3773 identified efforts to provide regular, reliable, and safe public ferry service for Daufuskie Island ...

    Don Andrew S. Patrick
    • 60 out of 35 Signatures needed
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  8. what is the proposed elderly protection bill known as with its bill number!

    I am a senior and e-mailed your co-sponsor the soon to be ex-lt Gov about adding a section to your new bill incorporating the bullying and harassment of seni...

    dennis Thomas C. Alexander
  9. "Sierras Law" needs to be passed.Will you please help with our petition for our children.

    They need protection against this abuse,bulling. So many have lost lives because of nothing being done.Thank You.PLEASE,PLEASE Help get this Law Passed..

    Pamela Nikki R. Haley
  10. Will you vote to pass "Sierra's Law" to End Teen Dating Violence in South Carolina? Our daughter Sierra Landry was killed by her abusive ex-boyfriend. An Order of Protection could have saved her li...

    Robert & Jessica Karl B. Allen
    • 78 out of 35 Signatures needed
  11. Will you vote for Sierra's law to enforce protections for teen victims of dating violence?

    Our daughter Sierra Landry was killed by her abusive ex-boyfriend. An Order of Protection could have saved her life, but according to South Carolina law, she...

    Robert & Jessica Nikki R. Haley
    • 41 out of 50 Signatures needed