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  1. When will employers be offered tax incentives to hire the long-term unemployed?

    According to Rand Ghayad's non-employment discrimination report, the long-term unemployed have significantly depressed chances of being invited to job interv...

    maryam John Reed
  2. Will you put pressure on the NSA to disclose information about its “upstream” collection?

    "Upstream" collection is the process by which the NSA siphons data directly through undersea cables.

    Holmes John Reed
  3. What is the appropriate reach of U.S. national security?

    What structural reforms should the President enact to help protect Americans from the threat of future bulk collection?

    Holmes Sheldon Whitehouse
  4. medicare for my mother

    My mom Peg Currier, a lifelong Warwick resident was dropped from Medicare and told she could re-enroll 5/1/2014. She needs meds now. We need help. I'm her da...

    Judith Sheldon Whitehouse