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  1. What industry changes enabled the ambitious NIH & drug companies pact on an open-source front?

    Ten Big Drug Companies are collaborating on curing four of the most resistant and chronic diseases. The government backed project allocates 230 million for t...

    Dennis Francis S. Collins
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  5. What arguments might prove effective in convincing more Americans to support digital privacy rights?

    Illegal, unaccountable domestic surveillance of U.S. citizens is disapproved of by 60-70% of U.S. people, per surveys by Pew & others, but Congress recently ...

    David Cory Doctorow
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  9. Should the @WorkingFamilies Party run a candidate to the left of @GovCuomo?

    Today's show topic: @ScharffK of Citizen Action of NY on Moreland commission and Gov. Cuomo dropping a chance for wider #fairelex reform. More info: http://w...

    David Brian Lehrer Show
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  19. What are the most misguided assumptions pundits have made concerning the ACA's effect on employment?

    Link to the full CBO report:

    chase U.S. CBO
  20. How would Common Core standards accommodate children with learning disabilities?

    The NYSUT’s board withdrew its support for the controversial Common Core standards as structured in New York state until SED makes major changes to its imple...

    Nancy NYC Public Schools
  21. How will climate change curriculum be integrated into K-12 education?

    How will climate change justice be taught in schools? Will it be taught in tandem with civic responsibility and STEM studies?

    maryam NYC Public Schools
  22. How can we effectively integrate civic engagement into NYC public schools?

    How can we educate our youth to become engaged members of their community? Educating youth for citizenship & civic duties should go hand in hand with academi...

    maryam NYC Public Schools
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  24. What are the most critical provisions of the TRENDnet settlement?

    The FTC’s complaint alleged that TRENDnet marketed its SecurView cameras used faulty software that allowed for online viewing.

    Chelsea FTC
  25. How will big tobacco's proposed consolidation impact industry competition?

    The merger of Lorillard & Reynolds American would secure 34% of the tobacco market, while Altria owns a 47 percent share. What anti-trust criteria will the ...

    maryam FTC