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  1. What major aspects of the US public education system do you believe need to be reformed?

    As a current public school high school yardbird, I've encountered many important aspects of the system that need to be reformed (abstinence only sex-ed, stan...

    Emily Christopher Hayes
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  2. How can you use anchor institutions like universities to provide opportunity for ALL DC communities?

    Anchor institutions, such as universities and hospitals, can be powerful forces to catalyze economic development and provide opportunity to underserved commu...

    Azi Vincent C. Gray
    • 19 out of 25 Signatures needed
    • 19 out of 25 Signatures needed
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  4. Can we get an RSS video podcast of All In?

    TRMS offers a downloadable podcast of both audio and video, updated daily, for those of us who choose to subscribe. I use this to watch the show daily. I'd w...

    Aaron Christopher Hayes
  5. Do you ever see a time that Citizens United is overturned?

    There is no true democracy if the power doesn't belong to the people. Even though there are more voters than lobbyists, the voters don't get much say on the ...

    Daniel Christopher Hayes
  6. Struggling workers

    What paradigm shift in political leadership will produce better odds than winning the lottery so someone working two full time jobs will not have to work unt...

    SCOTTY Christopher Hayes
    • 16 out of 25 Signatures needed
  7. Do you see any real future for the Green Party?

    There are many on the left so fed up with the Democratic Party that they cannot bring themselves to vote for many (if not most) of its members. The Green Par...

    Ciara Christopher Hayes
  8. Which members of Congress are the key leverage points in reforming NSA secret assassinations?

    You appeared on "All In With Chris Hayes" tonight to discuss your reporting for your brand-new piece in The Intercept, "The NSA’s Secret Role in the U.S. Ass...

    David jeremy scahill
  9. Public campaign funding. People are ready to do this!!!

    Why isn't it important to push for public campaign funding, which would get rid of big money in politics? Bribery would be stopped and Citizen's United rende...

    Joanne Christopher Hayes
    • 15 out of 25 Signatures needed
  10. To recognize Josh Segall's birthday today, will you offer him boutique fantasy baseball consulting?

    Looking ahead to a month from now, when it's time to make the tough decisions about SP5-6's with upside, and it's guys like Hellickson & Martin Perez on the ...

    David ESPN Fantasy Sports
  11. In addition to restoring voting rights, what steps can local gov. take to re-integrate ex-offenders?

    Eric Holder urged states to repeal laws that bar felons from voting. According to the Sentencing Project, African-Americans represent more than a third of th...

    maryam Justice Department
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  15. please doent attend the RSA Conference

    for an organization to accept money from the government in order to have a back door is a terrible offense to all privacy seekers. make the right decision a...

    jake Stephen Colbert
  16. When are you gonna sign a bill that taxes the rich fairly?

    When will you stop cutting taxes for the rich and letting them slip out of paying fair taxes. The top 1% has more money than the lowest 50% of people combine...

    Dalton Barack Obama
  17. Shouldn't our schools obtain parental consent before releasing private student data to the military?

    Currently, thanks to No Child Left Behind, our schools must release their students' private information to the military recruitment services or risk losing f...

    Kevin Christopher Hayes
  18. Shouldn't our schools obtain parental consent before releasing private student data to the military?

    Currently, due to a provision in No Child Left Behind, our schools must release their students' private information to the military recruitment services or r...

    Kevin Barack Obama
  19. Will the TPP trade deal price patients out of the market for critical medicines?

    The Wikileaks’ release of a secret chapter reveals that under the TPP agreement pharmaceutical companies will have an easier time obtaining patents in develo...

    maryam AHRQ
    • 51 out of 25 Signatures needed
  20. When will you Rein in B.L.M. & U.SF.W.L. , they are decimating our land & wildlife ?

    They have been using the old bait & switch to insult our intelligence , while killing off our wild life & ruining the land .This is being seen World Wide !' M

    Linda Barack Obama
  21. Will you fully act on your social media reply policy?

    From Page 59 of CDOT’s Chicago Forward Action Agenda: "Respond to at least 90% of Twitter and other social media inquiries promptly – within one busines...

    Justin CDOT
    • 20 out of 25 Signatures needed
  22. When will you implement guidelines to aid marijuana sellers in using their state's banking system?

    Because federal law still prohibits the possession and sale of marijuana, banks are reluctant in accepting deposits from marijuana purveyors.

    maryam Justice Department
  23. What is the difference between accuracy of captioning original TV and online video content?

    Recently, Ninth Circuit Judge M. Margaret McKeown sided with you, CNN, regarding your editorial decision to forego captioning of online content. "Motivate...

    Justin CNN
  24. What free technology tools do you wish existed, for open public feedback on city council priorities?

    Open-source technology tools - with a user-focused design, of course - can surface community priorities and under-the-radar issues. For example, a version of...

    David City of Philadelphia