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  1. Job Description

    My question for Donald Trump is: How to you perceive the job of being the President of the United States is different from being the head of Trump Enterpri...

    Paula Donald J. Trump
  2. Why is it ok for you to make fun of people with disabilities?

    Why do you feel the need to make fun of people with disabilities? I take it offensive considering I have disabilities

    charlie Donald J. Trump
  3. Mr. Trump, what do you think America should do about police brutality in America?

    What is your plan for the brutality that America is facing, against all people of all races, from our Police Forces and how do you plan to combat this as wel...

    Matthew Donald J. Trump
  4. If you become president we are screwed

    How would you feel by killing America. If you became president we wouldn't have health care or any help for druggies or people that drink. So you would basic...

    ashley Donald J. Trump
  5. If you become president, will the casino's you own continue to do business with organized crime?

    There would be a conflict of interest between his private business and public interest.

    Robin Donald J. Trump
  6. Vets and refugees

    My Question is. How can we as Americans, take in refugees from other country's and give them security and safe housing when there are thousands upon thousand...

    Kevin Donald J. Trump
  7. I want to know why I have to buy Hillary Clintons book to learn why she should be president.

    I would also like to know where Hillary Clinton's American Flag is. If she can't where our flag to represent our country how can she run it.

    Theresa Donald J. Trump
  8. Sign
  9. Iowa women state

    Why is Iowa a women state I work my butt off everyday and still can't get custody of my kids because Iowa is a women state I love my kids can you help me please

    Mike Donald J. Trump
  10. What is your plan on our failing Education system.

    What is your plan to raise our education standards to be competitive with the rest of the world as our current Public education system is getting worse. Cur...

    Kevin Donald J. Trump
  11. Homeless vets

    If elected what would you do to help the thousands of vets that served this country and are now living on the streets.

    Eva Hillary Clinton
  12. Seniors have had no social security raise for two years. WE NEED HELP!!! Can you live on $1300 per

    Month? Please, please do something. Neither you or Trump have addressed this issue.

    Brenda Hillary Clinton
  13. Will you move to make crash reports publicly accessible, encrypting personally identifiable info?

    What are the levers of city-political power to compel the NYPD leadership & tech directors to release #opendata on collisions? What is the role of #civictech...

    David NYPD NEWS
  14. Government data transparency for better policy-making

    What data should governments be making publicly available to ensure greater accountability and better policy-making?

    City Forward Glenn Greenwald
    • 40 out of 25 Signatures needed
  15. Will you respond to the official We The People petition calling on you to release your tax returns?

    The below petition on the official White House site surpassed its 100,000 signature goal in under twelve hours. Will you commit to issuing a detailed pub...

    David President Trump
  16. What is your response to Cm. Ann Ravel's recent "On The Media" interview on GOP gridlock & deadlock?

    Listen to 11m streaming audio: ... 9m in, Commissioner Ravel discloses that the three GOP members willingly ...

    David The FEC