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  1. How do I encourage my children to grow to be hard workers, when everything is given away?

    I am a two tour Iraq vet who is three days from graduating and obtaining an HVAC Associates in Environmental Engineering. I have worked hard to gain everythi...

    david Jeb Bush
  2. If you were President, would your nominee to the Supreme Court support the Citizens United decision?

    The 2016 election so far has hinged on #getmoneyout. This question from the U.S. #rebelalliance:

    David Jeb Bush
  3. How does your record on criminal justice reform contrast with other candidates?

    On August 6th, the Washington Post wrote: "Jim Webb has been talking about criminal justice reform since his days in the Senate. In that he actually proposed...

    David Jim Webb
  4. Will you use national polls that include Prof. Lessig as the criteria for the Presidential debates?

    Prof. Larry Lessig's Presidential campaign has met the official qualifications for participating in the national televised candidate debate. From their campa...

    David The Democrats
    • 70 out of 100 Signatures needed
  5. How do you respond to protests that Donald Trump hosting SNL is offensive to Hispanics and Latinos?

    Over 24 national organizations of Hispanic & Latino populations ( have signed a letter calling for the removal of Donald Trump as host o...

    David NBCUniversal
  6. Why were there no questions about climate change in the latest Democratic debate?

    What was the editorial process for not including questions about catastrophic climate degradation in #DemDebate, especially following the Paris climate treat...

    David ABC News
  7. What is your response to Dr. Jullette Saussy's resignation letter?

    On Feb. 9th, 2016, the former medical director of D.C. Fire and EMS Department posted the following four-page letter, on public accountability and needed ins...

    David Mayor Muriel Bowser
  8. What is the top-line income from @CNNAirportNet deal, and how could this revenue stream be replaced?

    In response to Twitter campaign by @anildash, one with which I wholly agree: Airport cable news is ...

    David Port Authority NY&NJ
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  13. What checks and balances exist for the former corporate tax lobbyists that now manage the committee?

    Last week, journalist Lee Fang of the Intercept published an article ( identifying four lead staff of the Committee as former industry ...

    David Ways and Means
  14. Will you attribute your medical-loan debt cancellation to its creators, (Strike) Debt Collective?

    Last night's episode featured a showy debt cancellation bit that was extensively researched with the organizers of the Debt Collective, as described in their...

    David Last Week Tonight
  15. Will you respond to the official We The People petition calling on you to release your tax returns?

    The below petition on the official White House site surpassed its 100,000 signature goal in under twelve hours. Will you commit to issuing a detailed pub...

    David President Trump
  16. What is your response to Cm. Ann Ravel's recent "On The Media" interview on GOP gridlock & deadlock?

    Listen to 11m streaming audio: ... 9m in, Commissioner Ravel discloses that the three GOP members willingly ...

    David The FEC
  17. What is your company's response to recent NYT article on public health & obesity in Brazil?

    Front-page NYT article, Sept. 16th, 2017 - online as a web interactive: - ke...

    David Nestlé
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  19. What questions should Chris Hayes and Kara Swisher ask you in your interview tmw?

    Building off Hayza's crowdsourcing of question topics: ... what do you think he should ask?

    David Tim Cook