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  1. How will you next move to restore and assure net neutrality?

    Protect internet users from monopolistic ISPs and don't let companies censor, slow down, or block websites while requiring other sites to pay for faster serv...

    David The FCC
    • 196 out of 25 Signatures needed
  2. Why are u suppressing speech and assembly freedoms by allowing monopolies to control internet access

    The internet is an amazing creation and our only chance to freely communicate as world citizens. Controlling access makes internet available only to those t...

    Kathleen The FCC
    • 18 out of 25 Signatures needed
  3. Will you block the Comcast merger on behalf of consumer protection?

    In this climate of shrinking competition and increasing prices, how can you allow Comcast to exert monopoly control over content and distribution?

    maryam The FCC
    • 127 out of 25 Signatures needed
  4. What will Phase II of the Enhanced 9-1-1 Wireless Services entail?

    Link to Open Commission Meeting:

    Dylan The FCC
  5. Will you heed public outcry & uphold consumer protection over concentrated power?

    Today, a broad coalition of activist groups and major tech stakeholders are declaring a day of action against new FCC rules that erode #netneutrality protect...

    maryam The FCC
    • 58 out of 25 Signatures needed
  6. Will you modernize the E-rate process to provide adequate broadband connectivity to more libraries?

    Schools and libraries have to undergo a cumbersome application process annually in order to qualify, which includes extensive paperwork covering procurement,...

    maryam The FCC
    • 17 out of 25 Signatures needed
  7. What recommendations do you have for the U.S. Congress in adopting a public "question time"?

    And a follow-up question, why does the UK get the good fortune of having an experienced leader like Mike Bracken - and a great community charity like mySocie...

    David David Cameron
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  9. What tools will Vox employ to enhance contextualization of policy driven stories?

    In your announcement concerning your transition to Vox, you note you’ll use your reporting “to build and continuously update a comprehensive set of explainer...

    Taylor Ezra Klein
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  11. How will the stakes for corporate personhood change if SCOTUS overturns the OC mandate?

    In the case of Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby, the defeat for the ObamaCare mandate would bloat the concept of corporate personhood- how will this empower religious...

    maryam Emily Bazelon
  12. What is your biggest reservation about urban farming?

    Should metropolitan areas take bigger steps to sustain their own food needs?

    maryam Matt Yglesias
  13. What has changed the most in Washington's professional culture since you got your start?

    Before joining Slate Magazine, you covered politics for Time magazine for 12 years, serving the last four as White House correspondent.

    maryam John Dickerson
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  22. How did you ultimately choose between between Kerrey and Clinton?

    You served as communications director for the 1992 U.S. presidential campaign of Bill Clinton

    maryam GeorgeStephanopoulos
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