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How will the U.S. maintain independence and economic stability should conflict erupt?

Our government has provided other countries with military training and weapons support. We have responded to anthrax, 9/11, Ebola, and other national threats. Responses to these events were well publicized. Through all this, other countries may be familiar with our defense processes and vulnerabilities, communications and emergency response systems, and economic soft spots. Do you anticipate the Middle East conflicts will escalate? Are we at risk of attacks on U.S. soil or economic attacks? Will our defenses be prepared for uncommon , internal, or infrastructure methods of attack? Would our own fuel supplies sustain us through a potential conflict? With so many Americans dependent on electronic banking, would these systems be vulnerable? The presidential election will put our government in a state of change increasing risks of attack. What actions do you intend to keep our country safe should we come under attack?

Posted by A , of French Lick, IN

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