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Will you use national polls that include Prof. Lessig as the criteria for the Presidential debates?

Prof. Larry Lessig's Presidential campaign has met the official qualifications for participating in the national televised candidate debate. From their campaign site:

-Raised $1,000,000 in 28 days from close to 10,000 people
- Earned the support of voters from across the political spectrum
- Won 1% in its first national poll by Public Policy Polling, meeting this initial qualification (more info from Lessig blog, Sept. '15:
- Spoke at the NH Democratic Party Convention with the other presidential candidates

Again, per Lessig's site: To qualify for the debate, he needs to earn 1% support in three separate national media polls. But Lessig is not being included in the polls — even though the pollsters are including people who aren’t running.

How does the DNC justify this decision for its selective use of national polling - why won't it give priority to pollsters that include Lessig's name?

What would be the path forward for enabling Lessig to be on-stage and fully join the televised national debates?

What levers of accountability exist within the DNC charter to open up the debate process to more candidates such as Prof. Lessig, and more public questions about money in politics?

Why has there been so little official communication on this timely question, given that, for example, a MoveOn poll has almost 3,000 signatures of support? #DemDebate #LetLessigDebate

Posted by David , of Troy, NY Lessig_politico

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