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When will our Gov't. 'support the rights of self-determination of the American People' ... ?

As Obama states that he " ... supports the self-determination of the 'People' in the Ukraine ... ", Just how does this relate to the majority of the 'People' in the US ... ? On the NSA spying; ... the Citizens United Corporate takeover of our democracy and elections; ... on the 'Herbal Freedom' issues and the rights of the states (People), to determine how to proceed; ... on the Big Oil tax breaks and subsidies with the 'Peoples' tax revenue; ... on Big Ag / Big Chem., corporate takeover of 'our basic rights' to determine our food sources and the labeling issues with GE agricultural products; ... on the military industrial complex, Pres. Eisenhower warned about 60 years ago; ... I remember the 'Rights of Protesters' in the US has been 'corralled' by the executive branch of the federal Gov't.; ... the legislative branch has sided with the Exec. on the issues of 'Freedoms'; ... the judicial branch has 'ruled' for the continued erosion of the 'rights of the People' in our electoral process and our everyday 'privacy'; ... The TPP and TPA 'secret trade deals' that may further prop up the 'Corp.' takeover of the 'People' of the world, giving the multinationals the 'rights' we are losing, with 'special tribunals' to settle their claims; ... The ABA lawyers and corporate interests are where our mistakes were made, the powers given to the banks and corporate interests; ...
When will our Gov't. 'support the rights of self-determination of the American People' ... ?
May we be here for that step ... !

Posted by John , of Sea Cliff, NY Puncho_jb__

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