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  2. Employment

    I am a single mother of one and in 2006, I decided to go back to school to receive a better education and provide a better future for my child and me. I rece...

    Lori George Dunbar
  3. Will you enact a severance tax on coal or other fossil fuels?

    Can you lay out your policy plan to rein in mercury pollution from coal-fired power plants, strengthen safety measures in coal mines, & secure taxpayer fundi...

    maryam Tom Corbett
  4. Why in your newest attack ad do you quote an unnamed source & a study by a biased paid group?

    In the lastest ad from the Corbett campaign, the claim is Tom Wolf has a plan to increase the income tax on the middle class, ends up, has call...

    lisa Tom Corbett
  5. Should volunteer firefighters be granted the benefits and protections of public employees?

    How will state wide communities entice new recruits, as the volunteer pool continues to plummet? Pennsylvania labor officials have extended the right to orga...

    maryam Tom Corbett
  6. Will you expand the state's broadband infrastructure?

    Currently, PA Municipalities cannot sell broadband services if a "local telephone company" already provides broadband, despite the prices or quality of servi...

    Holmes Gene Yaw
  7. Do you think Senate Bill 328 for post-incarceration employment will come up for a vote this year?

    This bill will help people like me. I had a problem 27 yrs ago and I am still paying for it even with a college degree I have trouble finding a job this is b...

    carmine Stewart J Greenleaf
  8. Any chance SB 646 will be voted on this year?

    My partner of 26 years died in 2013 and I resent having had to pay unjust inheritance tax. When will PA move into the 21 century regarding LGBT rights?

    Raymond Vincent J Hughes
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  12. What is the vision for the Mahanoy Business Park Waterline Extension Project?

    Recently a $4 million loan through the Pennsylvania Infrastructure and Investment Authority was appropriated for the extension project.

    wallace David G Argall
  13. What is the relationship between the state and regional tech centers?

    Ben Franklin Technology Centers were first incorporated in southwestern counties to prioritize investments in research and technology.

    wyden Richard L Alloway II