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  1. Concerned about one thing with Hillary Clinton

    My one and only concern at this point with my vote for President going to be Hillary Clinton is the action she may or may not take with Syria and Russia. I w...

    Brittany Kate Brown
  2. Cover Oregon:

    How do you justify spending hundreds of millions of taxpayer money for a site that never went live? How do you justify "junking" the entire site costing tax...

    Jean John Kitzhaber
  3. When will you expand resources for ID cards & drivers licenses for OR's undocumented?

    Only five out of the state’s 56 licensing centers will issue the cards by appointment only, and very few full part-time temporary positions have been added s...

    maryam John Kitzhaber
  4. my name is warren e krummel and I was born on the 4th of July 1944 and I just wanted to thank you

    your office sent me a Happy Birthday card and I just wanted to thank you all. god bless you and god bless america

    warren Jackie Winters
  5. Sign
  6. What will become of Oregon's exchange funding?

    After failing to launch a functioning Obamacare enrollment site, Oregon's health exchange will be absorbed by the federal government. Cover Oregon has en...

    maryam John Kitzhaber
  7. My wife and I are trying to get a home with the help of the USDA. But they said no.

    Because we do not meet the guide lines we are low income family and they said that we need to wait for 2 years before we are on the list can you help us to g...

    Edward Greg Smith
  8. Representative Kotek why do you continue to back the Columbia River Crossing?

    The existing I-5 bridge is still serviceable and can be seismically upgraded and maintained at a fraction of the cost of a new bridge. And how can you promot...

    Robert Tina Kotek