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  1. OK Dept of Transportation funding and State Parks

    DOT is a big waste of state revenue. No one does anything anymore. Why close State Parks when the amount of savings if any will do little or nothing to hel...

    John Wayne Shaw
  2. Teacher pay funding: I propose at LEAST a 5 cent a gallon gas tax. OK is 3rd lowest in the nation.

    When I check out at PetsMart I give $1 for pets. No big deal! 20 gal, a fill up, $1. Make it more than 5 cents! Fund corrections, mental health, roads an...

    L. Charlene Weldon Watson
  3. Desperate for help.

    I have an issue I need looked into. How can I contact you personally to ask for your help? It's a serious issue in Jackson County alone. If I can't find a wa...

    Belinda Charles Ortega
  4. I am contacting to urge you to vote to fund the DHS program in our state.

    if this program is not funded so of the.most vulnerable in our state, the children, disabled, and seniors will be the most severely affected. A lot of hard w...

    Patricia Charles Ortega
  5. What is your position on keeping daylight savings time?

    I think the people should be able to decide whether to keep it. Most working people like it to have daylight after work. It is not fair for just a few elec...

    DONNA Steve Kouplen
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  7. School Bill that you came up with to save Money

    there are other ways to save money,right now creek county is waste tax dollars replacing a culvert pipe in my neighborhood,where there is nothing wrong with ...

    Billy Brian Bingman
  8. Original birth certificates for adoptees

    I am a 72 year old adoptee. I know my bio- mother's family. She & my foster parents have been gone for many years. I think I am old enough to be trusted with...

    Deanna Purcy D. Walker
  9. Rep. John Bennett thinks that Muslims in America are a cancer and should be cut off.

    Why do you hate Islam so much? How are the violent verses in the bible any different than that in the Quran? Are you willing foreclose your campaign contribu...

    Ahmed John Bennett
  10. Affordable Care Act and Medicaid Expansion

    Now that many states have implemented Medicaid expansion and their citizens have been able to acquire health insurance with positive results, how has your vi...

    Samantha Mary Fallin
  11. Will you state "I approve the truth of this message" in your political ads?

    Just stating "I approve this message" doesn't mean your ad is true. If you want my support, I need the truth. #HonestAdsorg

    okmike1 Mary Fallin
  12. Why did you authorize the minimum wake hike ban?

    You signed on to prohibit Oklahoma cities from establishing mandatory minimum wage and employee benefits, including vacation or sick leave days. Why should ...

    maryam Mary Fallin
  13. Just a note to a friend from Alvin Bridgewater

    How are Randy this is Alvin Bridgewater Just wanted to say hello and God Bless you and your family and very proud of you man I and Sherin have lived in Las V...

    Alvin Randy Bass
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  15. Have you lost your mind? I live in Edmond, and people from around the country have asked what of

    Idiot, hick legislators would even propose a bill to make it legal to shoot an animal. You need a mental health check. Thanks for making 1000's of people not...

    Jan Steve Martin
  16. HB 2613

    What is the reasoning or logic behind HB 2613? How is "humanely" defined and what is meant by "effective consent"? Your sponsored bill- HB 2613-provides t...

    Kelly Steve Martin
  17. Future plans

    Do you have plans for Congress or perhaps Governor? If so, I would like to help.

    Peter Lisa J. Billy
  18. The agricultural community is critical to Oklahomans.

    In this time of global food imports and exports, it is imperative that all Americans accept the responsibility of what is put into the food chain, whether we...

    Jennifer Rob Johnson