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  1. What is NY Assembly doing to encourage competition among local ISPs, who currently have monopolies?

    As Chair of the NY Assembly's Legislative Commission on Science and Technology, what updates can you provide the public about local ISP competition, with an ...

    David Francisco Moya
  2. What is the argument against giving NYC control over its housing laws, for greater affordability?

    A recent New York Review of Books article on NYC's humanitarian housing crisis (

    David Catharine Young
  3. Will you commit to converting the Sheridan Expressway into a walkable boulevard?

    Will your plan to decommission Robert Moses' racist expressway open up a diverse level of access to the Bronx River for bikers, pedestrians, and disabled per...

    maryam Andrew M. Cuomo
  4. What is the Transportation Committee doing to fully fund MTA operating costs and NYC public transit?

    StreetsBlog NYC has been reporting on Gov. Cuomo's budget trickery w/ NYC MTA:

    David Joseph E Robach
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  8. How do you plan on helping students gain control of their student loans?

    As students graduate with higher debt then ever, many realize that they do not have control of what they pay. Many loans including government loans all insur...

    Kierstyn Andrew M. Cuomo
  9. I would like to know the progress of the bill you sponsored, A6862-2013

    I am currently on workers comp, with grade IV (the worst you can have) arthritis in both knees, 2 herniated and 2 bulging disks in my back plus other ailment...

    Darrell Gabriela Rosa
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  11. Legality of ULC marriages in New York

    I am a US Magistrate Judge authorized to perform marriages in the Eastern District of Michigan (Eastern half of the State.) The daughter of a close friend as...

    STEVEN Sandy Galef
  12. How will the state and the MTA pull together funds to support your expensive Air Train project?

    You estimated $450 million for construction of the air train to La Guardia Airport from the 7 train.

    Dennis Andrew M. Cuomo
  13. Nily Rozic I was wondering what your stance is on Breed Specific Legislation.

    Many breeds of dogs get discriminated against including Rottweilers, Dobermans, and Pitbulls. Making it difficult for pet owners to find a place to live or k...

    Isabelle Nily Rozic
  14. If re-elected, when would you move forward on the high speed rail front?

    You pledged to create a high-speed rail planning board to choose an infrastructure option. Why wasn't the full board ever constituted?

    maryam Andrew M. Cuomo
  15. Abuse of the waters & air of upstate NY with fracking and related industry.

    A year or so, into your first term, you stated you would make a decision about allowing fracking upstate BEFORE this coming election. You have not done ...

    CorgiSew Andrew M. Cuomo
  16. Will a state senate coalition push back against Cuomo's aggressive pro-charter school agenda?

    Cuomo pledged to fracture the public school "monopolies" and replace them with privately-run charters. How can we champion better oversight for charter bu...

    maryam Bill Perkins
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  18. When will Legislators, remove corrupt Adverse Possession, in the World & Italy, for US Italians?

    When will Legislators and Leaders eliminate Adverse Possession? Many Italian Americans', who worked physical labor jobs, had land stolen! As my mother's Gran...

    Jerome Andrew M. Cuomo
  19. SafeAct

    A lot of New Yorker's disagree with your quick decision to put the Safe Act into play. This does not resolve the issue in it's entirety as the criminal eleme...

    Mike Andrew M. Cuomo
  20. your opponent, Tim Bishop, supports partial birth abortion as a means of birth control. Do you?

    Mr. Bishop supports tax payer funded abortion, including partial birth abortion, as a form of birth control. Where do you stand on this?

    Judyann Lee M Zeldin
  21. Are you willing to consider changes in Adoption laws.similar to Open Adoption laws in CT and NJ?

    Adult Adoptees, Adoptive Parents and Biological Parents all want access to each other, but NY's current laws deny that opportunity. Would you support legisl...

    sbaran68 Andrew M. Cuomo
  22. Statis of bill a3449

    This would allow birth mothers and adoptees through a confidential intermediary to be connected. Many birth mothers and adoptees would be reunited if that i...

    Joanne Joseph A Griffo
  23. Statis of bill a3449

    This would allow birth mothers and adoptees through a confidential intermediary to be connected. Many birth mothers and adoptees would be reunited if that i...

    Joanne Joseph A Griffo
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  25. Will you state "I approve the truth of this message" in your political ads?

    Just stating "I approve this message" doesn't mean your ad is true. If you want my support, I need the truth. #HonestAdsorg

    Emily Andrew M. Cuomo