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  1. How can Congress work with the FCC to restore net neutrality?

    Public-interest groups like EFF are skeptical that the FCC, as currently constituted, is capable of ensuring a level playing field, in part because of strong...

    David Jerrold Nadler
  2. In the wake of dragnet surveillance, what steps can congress take to restore public trust?

    Will you support the USA Freedom Act, a forthcoming bipartisan bill with important reforms to the NSA’s illegal domestic spying?

    Holmes Kirsten Gillibrand
    • 25 out of 50 Signatures needed
  3. What is the appropriate reach of U.S. national security?

    What structural reforms should the President enact to help protect Americans from the threat of future bulk collection?

    Holmes Charles Schumer
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  6. Do you support protecting civil liberties in response to disclosures of NSA surveillance overreach?

    The AskThem launch happens to coincide with The Day We Fight Back, a day of action on behalf of civil liberties online. As your constituent, and a fan of the...

    Kathryn Nydia Velázquez
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  8. Mass surveillance is a threat to our democracy.

    Mass surveillance is undeniably a threat to any free society. Will you support strong reform such as the USA Freedom Act? If not, why not?

    William Charles Schumer
  9. You previously voted to continue NSA surveillance activities. Why?

    You previously voted to continue government surveillance activities in the past. Will you change your mind and support the USA Freedom Act now?

    William Chris Collins
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  11. Why were veterans exposed to Agent Orange on Guam fighting the Vietnam war left out of Nehmer Law ?

    We , veterans of the Vietnam War , that killed more enemy during the Vietnam War from Andersen AFB were left out of everything including the Vietnam Campaign...

    MSGT LEROY Charles Schumer
    • 35 out of 50 Signatures needed
  12. Fast Track for Trans-Pacific Partnership

    Can you please clarify to your constituents your position on approving Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority for the President? I am concerned that proponents...

    Shawn Jerrold Nadler
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  14. Will you support the repealing of the SAFE Act?

    Please listen to your WNY constituents. We want the safe act repealed.

    Chuck Charles Schumer
    • 178 out of 50 Signatures needed
  15. Do you support pres power to enforce laws at executive discretion?

    The president has delayed or waived the ACA 27 times, do you support this and do you think all presidents should have this discretion?

    bill Sean Maloney
  16. Why does Sanitation Dept. take so long to pick up garbage even after roads have been cleared?

    Because of this, garbage is left out for weeks and people tend to throw more garbage into other peoples garbage cans. It also creates bug and rodent infesta...

    Linda Kirsten Gillibrand
  17. How can you sit by and vote away our freedom in the name of "security"?

    This Orwellian descent into a police state is happening on your watch Senator. Is this what you want your legacy as a public official to be?

    JC Charles Schumer
  18. Will you support the the Leahy/Sensenbrenner bill to limit the NSA?

    Secrecy has undermined the legitimacy of our government. Gen. Clapper is not the first official to lie to Congress; the evidence goes back to the founding o...

    William Kirsten Gillibrand
  19. Internet piracy ia a big issue nowadays.

    On one hand illegal downloads are a form of theft. On the other hand, very few people of the world can afford to buy music, films, books and above all, softw...

    Ana Kirsten Gillibrand
  20. Where is the public's right to privacy and Due process under the law?

    The Public's rights where stolen by Congress when they passed the Patriot Act and it must be repealed to restore the Rights of American Citizens.

    Leland Kirsten Gillibrand
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  22. Will you support the bicycle equity bill to boost funding for bike/ped projects in low-income areas?

    The New Opportunities for Bicycle and Pedestrian Infrastructure Financing Act of 2014 will create a low-interest long-term loan program for communities to bu...

    maryam Kirsten Gillibrand
  23. How do we encourage greater Congressional oversight of NSA domestic surveillance?

    How can we motivate members and provide incentive for members of Congress to re-establish more vigorous oversight in the public interest and to restore priv...

    Jessica Paul Tonko
  24. How can we convince more senators to release their public schedule online, as you do (applause)?

    For government transparency & public accountability. Applause for your longtime commitment to online disclosure of your meetings. Why are other senators so b...

    David Kirsten Gillibrand
  25. Will you approve the truth of your campaign ads?

    We're partnering with the soon-to-launch HonestAds project to promote truth in political advertising. It's not enough for a candidate to 'approve' an ad - wi...

    David Jerrold Nadler