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  8. How will DOT focus on making intersections in NYC's poorest neighborhoods safer?

    Your pledge to "Vision Zero" aspires to reduce NYC traffic fatalities to zero within 10 years.

    Moreen Bill de Blasio
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  10. When will G Train service improve?

    I'd like Brooklyn transit to be improved.

    Nathan Bill de Blasio
  11. What are your plans to improve voting in NYC?

    How would you make voter registration easier, decrease lines at polling places and generally make voting feel more seamless and intuitive?

    Seth Bill de Blasio
    • 27 out of 25 Signatures needed
  12. Will you reach for a higher minimum wage than Cuomo's proposed $10.10 for NYC?

    If Albany empowers localities to set their own minimum wage, what wage would you push for? #RaiseTheWage

    maryam Bill de Blasio
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  15. How did you execute your vision for the Community Development Credit Union?

    Your trust has given over $15 million in small loans to help low-income families access technology and pay for education.

    Heidi Mark Levine
    • 16 out of 25 Signatures needed
  16. What are you doing to honor your pledge to baseline and increase NYC's budget to RHY?

    During your campaign, you pledged to baseline the $12 million the city budget has in recent years provided for runaway and homeless youth housing and service...

    Jake Bill de Blasio
  17. Homeless youth in NYC sued the city for the full resources to provide them with shelter.

    Why don't you settle with the homeless youth, so that they can be provided shelter ? Do do you find it acceptable that homeless youth have no where to sleep ...

    Louis Bill de Blasio
  18. Mayors should focus on the needs of everyone not just those aligned with your personal values.

    Why is the Mayor trying to govern as a Social Justice advocate instead of an impartial leader who considers the needs of everyone, not just of those he is cl...

    Melissa Bill de Blasio
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  20. What are your priorities in 2014 for city council district 6 & the Upper West Side?

    What are some of your leading legislative initiatives? What are you hearing from community organizers?

    David Helen Rosenthal
  21. What civic participation tools do you wish existed?

    Free & open-source feedback tech. What would you like to see?

    David Margaret Chin
  22. Waivers of NYC Noise Code

    After-hours construction permits with waivers of the NYC Noise Code need to be curtailed. Sleeplessness is a serious health problem for thousands of people....

    Roberto Bill de Blasio
  23. Per-pupil school spending is rising -- are there more cost-effective ways to raise graduation rates?

    Open data shows that school graduation rates have increased as per-pupil spending has increased. What cost-effective ways are you exploring to continue to ra...

    Andel Bill de Blasio
  24. Closing down the NYC carriage ride businesses would be a death sentence for the horses.

    Since the NYC carriage horses are privately owned, how can you possibly GUARANTEE THAT NO NYC CARRIAGE HORSE will be sold to kill buyers for slaughter, if yo...

    Elaine Bill de Blasio
    • 14 out of 25 Signatures needed
  25. Will you push for non-citizens to vote in local New York City elections?

    A bill supporting non-citizen voting was proposed last year in the city council, as a sizable number of new yorker immigrants are unable to vote without citi...

    maryam Bill de Blasio