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  2. How will your district contribute towards organic waste collection?

    NYC recently announced the expansion of “organic waste” collection to 70,000 households to produce compost and/or biofuel.

    maryam Antonio Reynoso
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  9. How can NYC better manage its parking supply?

    When will minimum parking requirements for developers take street capacity into consideration? Currently, parking requirements are dictated by building size.

    maryam Antonio Reynoso
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  10. What was the best outcome of the participatory budgeting process in the 33rd district?

    How did it impact Brooklyn Heights, Boerum Hill, Williamsburg, DUMBO, Greenpoint, North Park Slope or Vinegar Hill? What are your next steps on participatory...

    David Stephen Levin
  11. What impact will the decline of market-rate housing have on affordable housing?

    Mandatory inclusionary zoning would require developers to allot a certain percentage of a building's units as permanent affordable apartments in exchange for...

    maryam Brad Lander
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  12. What are the top city planning issues you're working on in 2014?

    What are you hearing from the communities you represent in Brooklyn, as their priorities for city planning this year?

    Steve Brad Lander
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  13. When will they repave the path around Prospect Park Lake?

    The path is so broken up it is impassable for wheelchairs and carriages.

    Alan Brad Lander
  14. Luxury zone of 4th street

    What can be done to prevent 4th Avenue commercial rezoning from completely gentrifying South Slope, as it has North? The number of luxury condos going up as ...

    Mick Brad Lander
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  16. Who do voters need to speak to in Albany to get NYC city-wide speed limits lowered to 20mph?

    Vision Zero and many organizations have put their support behind a plan to calm traffic city-wide, and Mayor de Blasio has expressed support as well. There ...

    Scott Brad Lander
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  17. Can the city create a special zone for the Gowanus area that will protect the artist colony there?

    The Gowanus has a vibrant community of artists who work out of the loft space along the canal, but gentrification and redevelopment could price them out of t...

    Scott Brad Lander
  18. Unfinished work around Smith - 9th St station

    While most of the work in the Smith - 9th St station is complete, the other planned work on Smith St under the track hasn't been touched. The former playgrou...

    Kate Brad Lander
  19. Drivers in Park Slope still going too fast, too rude to pedestrians and most are on cell phones?

    I have a twelve yr. old and don't feel safe crossing streets. 8th ave. and 9th street are very dangerous as is PPW in spite of recent restrictions.

    Michael Brad Lander
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  20. What is going on with the F train? Lengthy delays and going out of service often? More than usual F.

    In the past two weeks the F has been delayed significantly and gone out of service due to switch problems regularly. Can you please remedy this service disru...

    Deborah Brad Lander
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  21. How will you and other elected officials monitor massive Methodist Hospital expansion?

    Brad, you have been outspoken advocate for street safety. This expansion is going to bring in 100,000 people/year, almost all in cars, into an already conge...

    Daniel Brad Lander
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  22. MTA BM1 and BM 2 buses could service Windsor Terrace and Kensington, but they don't. Why not?

    Windsor Terrace and Kensington are often put into transport chaos when there are problems with the F train. There are two express buses the BM1 and BM2 that...

    Andrew Brad Lander
  23. What steps are you taking to make Brooklyn's streets safer?

    Several children have been killed by cars in the past few months on Brooklyn streets. What can be done to make our streets safer for pedestrians?

    Frank Laurie Cumbo