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James Vacca Councilmember, Democrat

Will your forthcoming bill expedite the processing of 311 emergency repair complaints?

Your bill will authorize the city to make emergency repairs when private landlords are late to make major repairs, like heat and hot water, elevators, and roofs. After city workers or contractors do the job, the landlord will be sent the bill.

According to The Daily News, "A review of city records found at least 185 buildings in all five boroughs with a half dozen or more open complaints - and some with as many as 25."

"There have been 5,013 complaints to 311 of non-working elevators so far this year, up from 4,801 over the same period last year."

NYC receives more than 600,000 housing complaints every year via 311. Once a complaint is filed, the city will contact the landlord or the building’s managing agent, and may send out a housing inspector who can issue a violation.

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Posted by maryam , of Brooklyn, NY

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