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  1. Will you state "I approve the truth of this message" in your political ads?

    Just stating "I approve this message" doesn't mean your ad is true. If you want my support, I need the truth. #HonestAdsorg

    nick Susana Martinez
  2. NM Supreme Court Justices

    Please furnish me with the names of the Justices sitting on the same-sex marriage question; how each one voted and if any are up for re-election this Fall.

    doris Gay G. Kernan
  3. When will you improve living conditions for NM detainees & prosecute officers for grave misconduct?

    Immigrant advocates have filed complaints with the Department of Homeland Security accusing state detention centers of maintaining substandard living conditi...

    lisa Susana Martinez
  4. What are you doing about closing the borders to horse slaughter?

    Closing the borders will save horses from a death so heinous, most could not even imagine it happening! Horses are NOT food!

    Brianna Susana Martinez