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  3. Why is farm equipment allowed on State of Ne highways without paying vehicle taxes?

    They cause major delays on Highways for the vehicles that do have to pay taxes. I believe this is very unfair, besides being dangerous. If they would have to...

    LaVonne Ken Schilz
  4. Will you tell the truth in any campaign advertising?

    Because saying "I approve this message" is not enough.

    revdanl Tom Carlson
  5. How can you defend your inflammatory rhetoric directed at undocumented Central American immigrants?

    You've called to identify the 214 children who have been relocated to Nebraska as they await immigration hearings. Federal immigration laws protect unacco...

    maryam Dave Heineman
  6. LB505 and veterans

    Why wont you stand and help pass the LB505 I am an USN Veteran I served to protect your family and many others, now it is your turn to help protect my family...

    Mindy Mike Gloor