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  1. Please transfer the Animal Welfare Section to the department of Public Safety.

    If you do this, it will allow The department of Public Safety to regulate commercial dog breeders.

    jewel Harry Brown
  2. Do you support Teacher Assistants in the classrooms? How do you feel about them? Are they important?

    I feel each person running for office should visit schools and see how important were are to the students.

    Marion Larry M Bell
  3. Please inform me on the update for the HB 680 Indian Child Welfare Study, reintroduced in 2011.

    A committee was to be formed by the House of Representatives. However, a member of American Indian Mothers, Inc. was not contacted. The bill specifically sta...

    Dr. Alice Kay Garland E Pierce
  4. Tax reform that works for every one.

    I would like to see our state move to the Fair Tax system or some variation of..We should tax consumption , not production.This would bring the underground e...

    Randall Pat McCrory
  5. Will you please vote against HB 858 The George Washington back-to-school grants?

    The U.S. is the #1 country with the most child poverty. Out of the top 10 worst economies in the ENTIRE U.S. are Greensboro and Winston -Salem. BUT OUR NC LE...

    Jennifer Carl Ford
  6. 2003 legislation 115D-39

    In 2003, you sponsored the 115D-39 amendment. I was wondering what the intent and hopes for this particular were and how you got it to pass. I would like to ...

    Justin W. Robert Grady
  7. What is your stance on the forthcoming sweeping changes to North Carolina's voting law?

    Gov. Pat McCrory has implemented more restrictive changes, including including requiring voters to present a state-issued photo ID, ending same-day registrat...

    maryam Chris Malone
  8. Will you loosen public communications statutes to broaden broadband infrastructure in NC?

    Cumbersome state-wide restrictions impeded upon providing public communications services. "For example, public entities must comply with unspecified legal re...

    Holmes Valerie P. Foushee
  9. SB610 and it's effect on families already in custody battles

    I am married to a man currently being allowed the standard "visitation" rights to his child. The mother is the high conflict parent and after reading SB610 I...

    Marjorie Daniel G Clodfelter
  10. How much do you have invested in Duke Energy?

    How much do you have invested in Duke Energy? The Citizens of North Carolina want to know!

    Zac Pat McCrory
  11. Constitutional amendment that corporations are not persons and money is not speech

    Will you commit to support a Constitutional amendment that corporations are not persons under the Constitution and money is not first amendment speech and po...

    Vicki Pat McCrory
  12. Do you support DOT's move to implement the state's new Strategic Transportation Investments law?

    The law applies a data-driven approach “to provide more flexibility in funding transportation improvements on the statewide, regional and division level, wit...

    tessa William Brawley