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  1. When are you going to phase out dirty coal, in preference to more wind and solar power?

    I firmly believe that there is no such thing as clean coal. If we invested more money in wind and solar power research, it would be vastly improved. We nee...

    Susan Steve Bullock
  2. I am disgusted w/male legislators talking about your clothes. This reminds me of a photo I have!

    This is important because it looks like some Montana men have regressed 100 years, and are more worried about your cleavage than they are about how you can c...

    Angie (Clinch) Jenny Eck
  3. What's your long-term investment plan for clean-coal" technologies?

    The Obama administration is asking for states compliance with new emission standards dependent on coal plant reduction.

    maryam Steve Bullock
  4. Friend of your fathers and grandparents.

    Gordon: I believe that I was a friend of your fathers and Chuck Smollak back in the early sixties. I stayed with your dad and his parents, Jo and Bud at thei...

    Jim Gordon Pierson
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  6. Will you resign your seat until allegations that you assaulted your 4-year old daughter are cleared?

    If the allegations in the criminal complaint are true, you are not fit to serve.

    Jim Jason Priest
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