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  1. District?

    I work at Hinds Community College and I would like to verify the district you represent. I have listed Rankin but want to ensure if you have a larger area?

    Janice Dean Kirby
  2. How will your alternative education standards differ from Common Core standards?

    Your administration has spoken out against the Common Core standards, denouncing the "one-size-fits-all" education model. Can you outline your alternative st...

    maryam Phil Bryant
  3. Can you give me an update on your HB 692? MS is desperate for a change in this area.

    I am directly affected by the flaw in the current manner in which Irreconcilable differences divorces are handled.

    Teresa Joseph L Warren
  4. I am a Blue Mountain College student who has been assigned you to write a 3 page paper on for class!

    I am a student at Blue Mountain College. I have been assigned to write a 3 page paper on you for my Government class. I would greatly appreciate it if you co...

    Charlie Bobby B Howell
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  6. Lineage

    My name is James W. Polk Jr. I was born in Magee (1936) to James and Helen Polk. My father had brothers named Baker, Allen, and Norwood. Over the years I've ...

    James John A. Polk
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