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  1. Why do you believe some nonprofits should pay property taxes?

    I read about your views in a survey from MN Citizens for the Arts

    Kelly David Scott Dibble
  2. Will you expedite roll-out of the medical marijuana program with or without law enforcement support?

    State officials recently announced that two Twin Cities-area companies will grow and distribute marijuana for Minnesota's medical cannabis program.

    maryam Mark Dayton
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  4. Will you alter unfair referendum criteria for municipal broadband initiatives?

    Minnesota state law requires a municipality’s governing body to call a referendum election to approve a wireless broadband initiative. 65 percent of voters m...

    Holmes Tom Saxhaug
  5. Why aren't you pushing MN to comply with federal on the estate tax

    Every retiree I know is going to go across the border if this isn't fixed

    Ron Mark Dayton
  6. HF 1777 has it passed

    I am wondering if it has passed. We are waiting to get our taxes done and this is the final thing we need to know before we do.

    Anita Ann Lenczewski
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