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  1. Isn't the quality of the roads in an area directly related to the value of real estate?

    Isn't there a connection? In addition, lets talk about cost of wheel alignments and tires. Finally, and most important, what family wants to visit the hosp...

    Reggie Rick Snyder
  2. How do you plan to rehabilitate Michigan's dilapidated roads?

    The Michigan Senate passed a bill to double state gas taxes and raise approximately $1 billion per year for roads. Snyder said today that the state House sho...

    maryam Rick Snyder
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  5. It is not wise to disrespect the women of Michigan.

    What were you thinking? Representative Pettalia, you publicly stated that you and your buddies "understand women" as you posed with fashion magazines on th...

    kathleen Peter Pettalia
  6. Will you alter restrictive criteria for municipal broadband entry to bolster competition?

    Michigan state law requires municipalities to solicit competitive private sector bids. Can you push to loosen restrictions so that investment capitol isn't t...

    Holmes Darwin L Booher
  7. Interpretation of Public Act 99 of 2014

    As a scrap metal dealer in Michigan we want to make sure we implement the changes in the new law correctly. Is there an official interpretation of the law av...

    Nora Rick Snyder
  8. how do i get insurance ( obamacrap or any) without income?

    lets look at this in a logic type sense ( if you can understand). no income , no job, no insurance. the useless market place says pay us , with what? you say...

    donald Dan Lauwers
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