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  1. Very concerned that the proposal will pass on eliminating the homestead exemption.

    Being under 65... $182.50 may not seem to be alot to some, but to others it may be a make or break amount.. Maybe it time to help the middle people for a cha...

    Susan&James Paul T Davis Sr.
  2. This term, will you set specific job or economic growth goals?

    How will the state become more business friendly? What's your game plan to change depressed employment rates in the state?

    katy Paul LePage
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  4. What's your stance on the lawsuit against the EPA concerning the Clean Water Act?

    The state of Maine is suing the Environmental Protection Agency, claiming that the agency has failed to approve the state’s water quality standards under the...

    maryam Janice E. Cooper
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  6. What is your position on a state-run virtual charter academy?

    LD1736 was approved to impose a moratorium on establishing virtual charter schools in Maine.

    maryam Karen Kusiak
  7. Do you support Walter Kumiega's bill to ban 2 pesticides commonly used to kill mosquitoes?

    Kumiega’s bill would ban the use of methoprene or resmethrin in bodies of water that drain into the Gulf of Maine or on land where there is runoff potential.

    Hydie Janice E. Cooper