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  1. I would like to apply for the senatorial scholarship.

    Where can I find applications for the senatorial scholarship?

    Isaiah Joanne C Benson
  2. Your opinion on the prosecutor and grand jury decisions in Ferguson and NYC...

    What is your opinion on the recent grand jury decisions in Ferguson and NYC? As Attorney General-elect of Maryland, how will you find a balance of supporting...

    Sebastian Brian E Frosh
  3. Will you ban fracking in Maryland?

    As a climate change advocate, you have issued an executive order to expand the work of the Maryland Commission on Climate Change and have prioritized climat...

    katy Martin O'Malley
  4. Hello to my high school history teacher!

    While looking at my 1969 Wheaton High School year book, I saw your photo and remembered how much I enjoyed having you for my teacher for four years in a row ...

    Ruth Henry B Heller
  5. Sign
  6. How you help mongomery.( please respond before april 8)

    what things did you do to help mongomery county(put as many factors as you can)

    James Kumar P Barve
  7. cell phone ban

    Sir or Madam, My question is for inquiry purposes only. Could you please tell me if there is any statutes, for or against, if that's the right terminology, f...

    Doyle James N Robey
  8. Would you support lowering the voting age across the state of Maryland for state elections to 17?

    Studies show that this would be a promising practice to engage youth civically and strengthen democratic participation.

    Rachel Jamin B Raskin