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  1. How will you supplement oversight of major city development in light of your "open door" policy?

    You pledged to abide by an “open door” policy on Boston development with the aim to increase competition between developers.

    maryam Martin J. Walsh
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  3. Will you help bring competitive fiber-optic networks to Boston?

    The FCC's proposal allowing internet service providers to charge companies for preferential treatment erodes the vision for a neutral and equitable internet....

    Holmes Martin J. Walsh
  4. Why has the city’s residency requirement been so weakly enforced?

    At least 50 municipal employees have been found in violation of the requirement, raning from the Boston Police Department to high-ranking school administrato...

    maryam Michael Flaherty
  5. What's your stance on the proposed gun bill?

    A version of the bill would require police or other licensing authorities to submit reasons for denying gun licenses to specific individuals

    maryam Ayanna Pressley