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  2. Is there any help out there to lower interest on Dept. Of Education student loans?

    Hi Jodi. My name is Liz Breaux, resident of St. Amant. I just learned payments on two of my student loans with the Dept. Of Education will be doubling in Mar...

    Liz "Jody" Amedee
  3. Why do LA's voucher programs allocate taxpayer dollars to fundamentalist religious schools?

    More than 90% of current voucher students attend religious schools. Not only are The voucher amounts inadequate and substantially less than the historic per ...

    maryam Bobby Jindal
  4. My mother is in what we believe is final stages of Morgellans disease. Thousands of Americans have

    This devastating disease. Doctors and CDC will not recognize this disease so insurance will not cove. Would you please read morgellans on line? The one esp...

    elvita Francis Thompson
  5. Will you alter unfair referendum criteria for municipal broadband initiatives?

    LA state law requires a municipality’s governing body to call a referendum election to approve a wireless broadband initiative. The referendum requirement...

    Holmes Eric LaFleur
  6. When will you expand access to affordable health care for over 240,000 uninsured Louisianians?

    If you had supported Medicaid expansion, it would’ve saved LA about $100 million this fiscal year. Hundreds of thousands of Louisiana residents are expected ...

    maryam Bobby Jindal
  7. Could you provide information on a bill preventing closed shops in real estate closings?

    I am secretary of the BR Independent Title Attorneys and we discussed the legislation last night. I am doing the minutes and would like more information. We...

    Deborah Eric LaFleur