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  3. I want to know what will happen in 100 years when the government has complete control.

    By giving the government permission to do as they please and spy on us what is to stop them from, say restricting speech, guns, property rights? You know as ...

    Joseph Mary Landrieu
  4. ACA vote. Why you went against your constituency?

    Prior to your vote for the ACA, a majority of your constituency (57%) were clear in their opposition. No matter what the bill's intention, no matter if it w...

    carljuneau Mary Landrieu
  5. Do you support an equity model for global carbon reduction?

    The U.S. has already spent over 2/3 of our carbon budget. Do you believe developing nations should be afforded a larger share of the carbon budget? In accord...

    maryam Mary Landrieu
  6. When will the Veterans' Credit Protection Act be enacted?

    When will Veterans receive their truant payments by the Secretary?

    bridge.ff Mary Landrieu
  7. What Groups are responsible for buying LOUISIANA WORKMENS comp Law's in Louisiana? LIBERTY MUTUAL

    Because they have stolen 6 years of my life playing games just to have surgeries i need to get out of chronic pain !The NIGHTMARE of dealing with LIBERTY MUT...

    Christine Steve Scalise
  8. How do you feel about the exponential growth in the role of private contractors in nat’l security?

    Private contractors have been on the rise since Sep. 11, 2001. Governmental functions are being performed by private entities with paper thin regulations in ...

    Holmes David Vitter