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  1. legal marijuana

    I'm doing a project for school at IUSB and I was just wondering what your stance is on legalizing marijuana. the things I'm interested in are why you support...

    Tony Ryan Dvorak
  2. How can you defend disproportionately funding the state run news service over education programs?

    Get More from INYDSTAR here:

    megan Mike Pence
  3. Why do you support private school vouchers if school choice leads to more segregated classrooms?

    You told state lawmakers to lift the cap on the dollar amount for publicly funded private school vouchers and raise the cap on the choice scholarship tax cre...

    katy Mike Pence
  4. Social Issues

    What is your stand on social issues currently facing the American people? Such as same sex marriage, abortion, and birth control?

    Richard Richard Hamm
  5. Will you support student privacy?

    Purdue University Students and Faculty Against Mass Surveillance [May 2014] We, the members of the Purdue University community, stand togethe...

    Jared Mitch Daniels
  6. return power to Congress and the people

    In Senate Report 93-549 (93rd Congress, 1st session, 1973) the first sentence reads, "Since March the 9th, 1933, the united States has been in a state of dec...

    Gloria Joseph C. Zakas
  7. drug testing

    How could you possibly think drug testing welfare recipients was a good idea? Ever heard of Florida?

    Joe L. Jack Lutz
  8. Sign
  9. Would you be willing to veto HJR-3?

    Ultimately Mike Pence will decide if he wants such a divisive social issue to take center-stage in our state.

    Michael Mike Pence
  10. Would you be willing to veto HJR-3 if it passes State Senate?

    Ultimately Mike Pence gets to decide whether or not Indiana will become another state embroiled in a divisive social issue.

    Michael Mike Pence
  11. Why do you continue to push for the discriminatory HJR-3?

    Adding an amendment to our state constitution banning gay marriage and civil unions is not only discriminatory, it is sure to be challenged in court if it pa...

    Beth Mike Pence
    • 31 out of 50 Signatures needed