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  1. Hay Larry why don't you ever answer me?

    I live in southern Indiana, a constituent in congressman Larry Bucshon's district and I would like to know why does he not answer any of the concerns I E-mai...

    James Larry Bucshon
  2. Concerning the text of the Trans Pacific Partnership treaty, have you actually seen and read it?

    Some time ago, I wrote suggesting that you vote against the "Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority" bill in the House (HR 3830). Your reply was one of somebod...

    Brian Susan Brooks
  3. Why will you not co-sponsor the SAFE Act, S 541?

    Safeguarding our food exports is paramount to the ensuring of exports to other countries. The SAFE Act would ban the slaughter of horses in this country for...

    Jo-Claire Daniel Coats
  4. Safe Act

    We need to be supportive and pass the SAFE ACT to protect all of our horses including the wild mustangs and burros from slaughter. Slaughter is a horrific c...

    Cinda Daniel Coats
  5. Will you put pressure on the NSA to disclose information about its “upstream” collection?

    "Upstream" collection is the process by which the NSA siphons data directly through undersea cables.

    Holmes Daniel Coats
  6. If your party takes over the Senate, what do propose to do about ObamaCare?

    If the answer is repeal, what do propose in its place? If the answer is keep it, how do propose to fund it?

    rfmorrow Daniel Coats
  7. I get HIP in Indiana, and I pay 38. for full coverage for myself. My wife on disabilities pay 142.

    For just health and precription. THis does not make. Why is hers so high. They say 50 billion people us SS. Can you answer that.

    Rusty Daniel Coats
  8. Sign
  9. Will you support Net Neutrality by asking FCC Commisioner Tom Wheeler to classify ISPs as telecoms?

    The Federal Communications Commission has classified ISPs differently than telecommunication companies which have decades of regulations to support fair prac...

    John Joe Donnelly
  10. Will you support passing the original version of the USA Freedom Act, not the gutted version.

    The House has passed a gutted version, void of any reform whatsoever, of the USA Freedom Act. Will you support the original version that you sent me an emai...

    John Joe Donnelly
  11. Will you vote yes on HR 1852 - The Email Privacy Act?

    Congress is considering a bill—the Email Privacy Act—that would ensure all government agencies need to get a warrant to see our online communications. The bi...

    John Todd Rokita
  12. Why will you not sponsor the S.A.F.E. Act HR 1094

    We do not raise horses in this country for food and as such they are ineligible for human consumption. The SAFE Act would stop the transport of horses for sl...

    Jo-Claire Todd Young
  13. Will you state "I approve the truth of this message" in your political ads?

    Just stating "I approve this message" doesn't mean your ad is true. If you want my support, I need the truth. #HonestAdsorg

    edmay2000 Todd Young