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  1. I agree Senator Sheryl that United States is a primarily a christian nation.

    Our constitution did go the extra mile to separate church & state. Please dont dis-enfranchise your constituents of a differnet faith. Hinduism BTW, is a rel...

    First Sheryl L. Nuxoll
  2. $400,000 set aside for wolf killing?

    Dear Mr. Otter: I am upset that $400,000 was set aside of our tax payer money to shoot, trap, poison, hunt wolves. There are 13 ranches that use non lethal ...

    Cindy C. L. "Butch" Otter
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  6. I have been reading up on HB426 and HB427 and I am concerned.

    Who can I talk to to voice my opinions on Idaho house bill HB426 and HB427 in Idaho? I want my voice to be heard. I Live here in Moscow and I also own a smal...

    Brandon Lucinda L. "Cindy" Agidius