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  3. What will you do to eliminate elective abortions in the state of Georgia?

    Elective abortions, as opposed to those that are medically necessary, are completely unconscionable to a large portion of your constituents. What will you do...

    Jeff Nathan Deal
  4. Does your office Conduct a on hands audit of the governing officials in Libery county?

    The property owners are paying taxes to support the 2/3s that don't! Money spending is out of control. They need to tighten their belts like I do and not spe...

    mike Nathan Deal
  5. H.B. 428 was held over, are there alternative plans for compliance to federal mandates?

    I am researching the over-medication of children in the foster system. I can see two (2008 & 2011) federal policies that mandate state compliance for monito...

    Kate Keisha Waites
  6. Georgia has the highest rate of teen dating violence in our country, how would you change this?

    Per O.C.G.A. 20-2-314 (2010) (full text infra) The Georgia Board of Education is required to develop a program for preventing teen dating violence for grades...

    Drew Nathan Deal
  7. What is your position on providing funds for all children with life limiting illnesses?

    It is my understanding that the ACA allows for children with life limiting illnesses to receive funding for treatment as long as they are Medicaid eligible a...

    kate Jason Carter
  8. Why are you opposed to early voting periods that are more inclusive to low-income & minority voters?

    Last Week, one of Georgia’s largest counties announced a new early voting period on Sunday in October. In response, you wrote "Now we are to have Sunday ...

    maryam Fran Millar
  9. When will you "ban the box" to end employment discrimination against GA's formerly incarcerated?

    You pledged to authorize “ban the box” policy, which would eliminate the question about past criminal offenses on job applications. When will you follow thro...

    maryam Nathan Deal
  10. When will you legalize access to medical marijuana?

    You pushed for clinical trials since 23 states and Washington D.C. but what progress has been made?

    dan Nathan Deal
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  12. Why didn't the Basic Education Act, w/provisions for rape prevention, make it out of committee?

    What were some of the reasons HB882 did not make it out of the education committee? What were some of the changes the committee members felt needed to be mad...

    Nicole Sharon Beasley-Teague
  13. I would like to know what you are doing to keep the NSA in line for the good people of this state.

    I am 23 and I read articles like this

    Blake Jesse Stone