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  1. Dear Gouvenor Scott, I would like to know what pare would you play in bringing about turn limits.

    I m a great supporter of you and would truly like to see turn limits in Washington.

    Lonnie Rick Scott
  2. Do you have any pets?

    Hi, I am working on a school project for Black History Month and would like to know if you have any pets?

    Denise Arthenia L Joyner
  3. Do you remember asking Mr. Simonson, "Don't you think you are giving poor Sharon a persecution compe

    lex?"This is important because I still remember and I like words that are not commonly used.

    Sharon Don Gaetz
  4. How come a single person with no kids cant get a little help just like a mother its hard out here

    Its like you got to have kids just to get a lil more foodstamps 80 dollars worth of stamps is not enough while a mom with one baby can up to 3 something whil...

    whitley Rick Scott
  5. My brother died at 75 years of age in January 2014. He left all in his will and I already got h

    house. Now, in order to get 11,000.00 in a checking account, the Court is asking me for the names and day of death of our grandparents who were all born in ...

    Roberto José Javier Rodríguez
  6. Local public charter schools should receive the same per student state support as other schools do.

    Many cities have organized public charter schools controlled by city school boards appointed by the city governments, but all state educational support funds...

    Jack Rick Scott
  7. Why did Florida gut the solar energy plans and energy consumption goals?

    Sounds to me like pure economic capitalism strikes again with deep pockets buying their way into Florida. Solar will be the way of the future. Florida can ...

    David Rick Scott
  8. Why on earth are we not expanding Medicaid coverage for Floridians?

    Why would you turn down the influx of $5 billion over the next 7 years into our economy & thus be inhibiting the associated job growth when you are constantl...

    J Rick Scott
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  10. Why don't compare your record on jobs to the rest of the nation, Florida v. the rest of the country?

    If you really want to cogently compare and rate your record on job creation compare it to the rest of the nation. Your record of economic recovery and job c...

    Sam Rick Scott
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  13. Economy and jobs

    In my line of work I come across many people who are underemployed or unemployed, what is your plan for the people who have been out of work for a significan...

    rtrapane Rick Scott
  14. Services for Students in Special Education system

    As Governor, you've repeatedly stated to are committed to provide a quality education to all Florida Students, YET you slash Billions from the Education Budg...

    DeskofJamesHoyne Rick Scott
  15. Will you state "I approve the truth of this message" in your political ads?

    Just stating "I approve this message" doesn't mean your ad is true. If you want my support, I need the truth. #HonestAdsorg

    denniso_malley Rick Scott
  16. Grandchildren's Rights

    Governor Scott, I have seen the commercial with you and your adorable grandson. It brings tears to my eyes when I watch and feel the pride you feel when yo...

    Colleen Rick Scott
  17. Education

    What are your specific plans to improve the critical deterioration of Florida's K-12 education? Since Florida has some of the lowest scores in the nation on...

    Joan Rick Scott
  18. Will you push to alter the criteria for FL municipalities to invest in pilot broadband networks?

    Florida’s law imposes entry costs for municipalities by requiring each municipality to develop a detailed business plan to “ensure that revenues exceed opera...

    Holmes Denise Grimsley
  19. Why are you authorizing the building of nuclear plants despite widespread public disapproval?

    Along with members of the Florida Cabinet, you granted Florida Power & Light the right to build two nuclear generators and 88 miles of transmission lines in ...

    farhat Rick Scott
  20. Do you support U.S. Senators and House Representatives limiting terms?

    Because I feel this is the only way to avoid special interest, retirement, and truly representing the people.

    Katherine Lizbeth Benacquisto
  21. Graduation requirements, I would like to know can districts require more than the state standards

    in order to graduate? Wen have a high % of students ( seniors) failing physics when they have already met the Florida Standards in Science in order to gradu...

    denise Dorothy L Hukill
  22. When are you going to initiate an inquiry and demand the halting of climate engineering over FL?

    Climate Geoenineering is creating havoc around the world. There is ample evidence that the Federal Government has willfully engaged in a premeditated conspi...

    Debbie Rick Scott
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  24. Why don't you initiate an inquiry and demand the halting of chemtrail spraying over our skies?

    Scientific documentation and testimony verifies we are being sprayed with toxic metals and chemicals. This is genocide.

    Debbie John Thrasher
  25. On supporting the NSA metadata collection program

    Why do you continue to support the NSA metadata collection program in light of recent findings? A White House- appointed review group analyzed over 200 terr...

    Debra Maria Lorts Sachs