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Debbie Wasserman Schultz Representative, District 23, Democratic

Will the DNC include Prof. Lessig's name in national polls, allowing him to enter candidate debates?


As Chair of DNC, the national polls used to determine eligibility for national televised debates haven't included Prof. Lawrence Lessig's name - therefore, to date, he hasn't been allowed to prove he meets the 1% polling threshold to participate.

Given that Prof. Lessig has proved to be a popular candidate, raising $1m in donations and bringing on experienced operatives to staff, how does the DNC justify this decision for its polling?

What would be the path forward for enabling Lessig to be on-stage and fully join the televised national debates?

What levers of accountability exist within the DNC charter to open up the debate process to more candidates such as Prof. Lessig, and more public questions about money in politics? #DemDebate

Posted by David , of Troy, NY Lessig_politico

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